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Resource Management

SIL provides a full range of documentation, analysis, management, restoration, and remediation services to protect and improve environmental resources. We recognize the delicate balance between a technologically progressive society and an ecologically sound environment. As rising sea levels and dwindling resources make headlines across the globe, our scientists, geographic information system (GIS) specialists, and engineers are busy restoring damaged ecosystems, and preserving our world, be it a wetland, protected species’ habitat or historic property. We are well versed in applicable state and federal laws and regulations governing documentation of flora and fauna. SIL’s clients have come to rely on our breadth of expertise in managing natural and water resources as well as associated geospatial data.

Our team of engineers, environmental scientists, planners, modelers, GIS analysts and business analysts provides a multi-disciplinary approach to planning, water quality management, and facilities design, and resource/asset management and mapping. In addition to guiding projects through preservation and compliance procedures, this group of environmental scientists and engineers specialize in terrestrial and aquatic assessment, wetland creation and mitigation design, stream restoration, permitting, fish passage design, dam removal, permitting, biological monitoring, and environmental construction. Water resource engineers and planners offers clients expertise in a wide variety of services, including watershed assessments, hydrologic/hydraulic studies, bridge scour assessments and analysis, NPDES, comprehensive stormwater management, erosion and sediment control, flood control, habitat enhancement, and open and closed storm drain design. Our highly skilled team of GIS (geographic information systems) experts, analysts, enterprise system architects, programmers, and technicians is supported by state-of-the-art hardware and software.

our resource management capabilities



SIL offers a complete range of water resources services that apply a multidisciplined approach to watershed assessments, water quantity/quality management and stormwater facilities design. In addition to investigating, sampling, assessing and monitoring surface water facilities, we conduct planning studies and guide our clients through environmental permitting programs.

Our innovative solutions address challenges ranging from stream restoration, channel relocation and flood control, to stream crossing, bridge replacement, erosion and sediment control, best management practices, open and closed storm drain design, floodplain studies, bridge scour analysis and countermeasure design. Services include:

Our team understands that a complete water resources program requires a multidisciplinary approach to planning, water management and facilities design. Every site, whether in an urban or rural setting, poses a unique set of challenges, and as consulting engineers, we recognize the delicate balance between a technologically progressive society and an ecologically sound environment. Our team is experienced in implementing cutting-edge solutions to sustainably manage and treat surface water, including bioretention facilities, floating treatment wetlands, and rain gardens.

To also help clients manage the quality of surface water runoff, SIL investigates, samples, assesses and monitors sites; performs planning studies; and guides clients through environmental permitting programs, such as the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4), and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) programs administered by the Environmental Protection Agency.

In addition, engineers develop erosion and sediment control measures to protect surface water during construction activities. When water resources management efforts require design services, SIL offers the professional expertise of civil, structural, environmental, and geotechnical engineers to support planning, design and construction phases as necessary.



SIL provides natural resources planning, engineering, design, and construction services to help protect and restore streams, wetlands, watersheds and forests. Our environmental scientists and engineers apply their expertise in all aspects of wetland science, stream restoration, watershed planning, resource conservation and permit compliance. By integrating sound resource management practices with state-of-the art technology and construction techniques, we offer creative approaches to dam removal, fish passage and other projects for our clients. We provide innovative solutions for restoring urban channels, addressing flashy flows, utilities and property constraints. Services include:

For nearly two decades, SIL has established a leadership role in ecosystem restoration services east of the Mississippi. SIL has undertaken hundreds of miles of stream and river assessments, sediment transport, conceptual and final restoration design, construction management and construction. Final design work has included the preparation of complete construction drawings, specifications and construction cost estimates.

Expanding on our years of experience in natural channel restoration, our team has become a leader in innovative approaches to dam repairs, removal, bypass channels and fish passageways for both structural and natural-like fishways. While many communities enjoy and desire to have water features built or maintained in their communities, the long term inspection and repair expense, human safety and insurance issues along with the growing environmental challenges such as fish passage, dredging and contamination has many questioning what options they have available.



SIL is focused on innovation and the use of applied geospatial technology in developing engineering, scientific, management and decision support solutions. Our expertise and understanding of engineering and business practices enables us to develop innovative solutions for data collection, management, integration and sharing. From an initial needs assessment through implementation and training, we offer services in the fields of geographic information systems (GIS), asset management, database design, and applications development. Our analysts, programmers and information architects are experts in cartography, environmental impacts, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), parcel and roadway centerline mapping, utilities and watershed projects. Services include:

The firm has established itself as a regional leader in geographic information systems (GIS) and information technology (IT) integration. Evolving from our roots in environmental engineering and science, Geospatial Solutions provides enterprise solutions to our public and private clients. SIL’s analysts, designers, programmers and IT architects work one on one with clients to provide innovative and reliable solutions. Our understanding of business requirements allows us to guide clients from field data collection of real world assets to sophisticated server based analysis and viewing applications. Every aspect of these projects including relational data models, data integration and web, mobile and desktop solutions to distribute data, is handled by our staff of qualified professionals.

Our team recognizes that implementing and maintaining a sustainable GIS program at any level requires a well thought out plan for success and return on investment. SIL has a diverse portfolio of GIS plans/reports which have contributed to extremely successful GIS programs.